January 13, 2011

vinyl art

I've recently had the opportunity to work in a new medium - plastic! I've been designing pieces made with computer cut vinyl which I can either apply to acrylic or glass as self-contained art pieces, or the vinyl can be applied to other surfaces like a sticker. It's more of a commercial medium than I'm used to but it's been a lot of fun to play around with and I have some vinyl-related projects in the works. Check back for more info on that soon... for now, here are a few of the things I've been making!

"Hello" - series of U.S. maps in different colors/patterns (these will be for sale soon)

"Kj√łkkenet" means "kitchen" in Norwegian.

Words are from a song by my friends The Head and the Heart.

And Alex Crick got a great shot of one of the stickers I made, which you can see here. My friend Damien stuck it straight on his guitar!

Keep an eye out for upcoming vinyl projects...I've been working on some title cards in collaboration with a video project being put together by Tyler Kalberg and Dylan Priest, and I'm really excited to see the outcome. These guys do great work: Tyler shot the gorgeous Doe Bay Sessions (and check out Dylan's portraits from the sessions as well as his Vimeo) so it's gonna be good!

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